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The New Supra 2JZ-GTE

With the BMW 335i's becoming cheaper and the potential for power being massive with basic bolt-on's and a tune, more and more people are seeking information on what's being coined the "New 2JZ". How dare you!? Some purest would say. But the reality is, there are strongly built, easily-tuned turbo charged 6 cylinder motors on a RWD platform and looking back on what seemed like only minutes ago, these 10 year old cars are seriously putting down the power.

The N54 (engine code for BMW's twin scroll turbo'd 6 cylinder) was so powerful it could easily out perform M3 owners of the same year with basic modifications. Before you run out and pick one up, make sure you understand the differences between the N54 and the refreshed N55 as they do have significant differences in ability to tune and what gains you can expect.

Here is an article explaining more about the differences between the two. We also recommend you to browse the BMW forums if your interested in learning more and schedule a Zorich Performance Shop consultation to speak with our Master Mechanic on how to reliably take your 335i to unimaginable levels. We've upgraded and tuned many of these 335's and seen reliable numbers in the mid-high 500's for HP and TQ.

-Zorich Auto

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