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Mayday! This FD could be trouble.

We've all seen it. The Honda Civic with a patched fiberglass body kit and and giant generic aluminum wing for their FWD driven street racer. We feel, besides a select few, these vehicles are unanimously disliked throughout the automotive community.

Now we're asking you How much is too much? When does function overtake form, and where does the blurry line lay between the two?

Mayday Garage FD Rx-7 (shot by @nickricophoto)

Take a look at Mayday Garage / Car Shop GLOW's FD Rx-7. Collectively at Zorich Automotive, we think this FD is stunning with one of our team members in LOVE with it, and only one other feeling it's a bit too much.

Ultimately, in the Zorich Performance Center, we think a car's style is is an expression of the owner, and support everyone on what they do in terms of modifying the style of their car; but we wanted to know your thoughts... is the Mayday Garage Rx-7's styling too much? a masterpiece unrivaled? or somewhere in between?

Let us know in the comments below.

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