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Manifolds, Piping, Mufflers, Full Systems, Cat-Backs and Custom Welding

Whether your vehicle is stock or highly modified, aftermarket and custom exhaust systems can provide more power, a better sound, and better fuel economy.


Exhaust system performance gains can be derived by reducing and fine tuning back pressure. Especially with forced induction systems, as more air is pushed in, more air needs to be exhausted at the appropriate rate. 

While many people think of the muffler as the exhaust, a properly functioning exhaust systems actually includes everything from manifolds, forced induction piping, catalytic converters, and piping that runs the length of the vehicle. In many instances a single choke point in the exhaust systems can drastically reduce it's effectiveness.

At the Performance Center, we have the ability to custom weld parts and systems to ensure top quality fitment and performance. (forced induction or not)


We do private consultations for each vehicle build to ensure the best result. Contact us today!

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